Flay is amber chili processing technique
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Chili processes the finished product that the method makes by confiture, weigh amber chili, with sweet give priority to, microstrip piquancy, it is the curiosa in confiture. But press traditional sugar juice high temperature to boil the amber chili that the method that boil machines, can make the original gust of chili all is broken, inevitable also piquancy is not worth again hot chili. And we are new the craft of research is first chili flay, divide in order to be helpful for candy all-around infiltration, in requiring the sugar juice in 60 ℃ only so, hot be soiled can make amber chili. Introduce the product that legal system of this kind of flay gets, the gust with original chili is able to save, sweet degree appropriate, piquancy is more sufficient, and mouthfeel hair is fragile, more get consumer reception. Machine its methodological brief introduction to be as follows now:

1. Flay is in stainless steel bucket (or crock) inside add water right amount, the 3 % that weigh by water again and 0. 2 % add caustic soda and agent of fruit vegetables desquamate respectively, the temperature that maintains flay fluid from beginning to end is in 58 -- between 60 ℃ . The bright chili that will carried (ask a big, flesh is thick, piquancy is appropriate) the fish out after entering the macerate inside the bucket about 10 minutes, drop does lye, after classics water is rinsed, enter a basin inside. Right now the skin of layer of chili surface waxiness already came off, but efface of manual one by one, had better be to use the water spray that takes pressure, chili of full take out is cuticular.

2. Chowchow pre-treatment pours the chili after flay into 0. 5 % citric acid immerses 20 minutes in fluid, in order to counteract Yu Jian, again one by one goes the base of a fruit, dig a heart, take out is full chili seed. Will via going the base of a fruit, go the chili of seed falls to add have 0. Calcium of 5 % chloridize and 0. 2 % immerses about 2 hours in aluminous water, with sclerotic organization, increase the brittleness of finished products.

3. Chowchow divides a pace to undertake: The sugar juice that ① mixes 40 % (sucrose is added in 100 kilograms of water 40 kilograms of) , in 58 -- the chili that pre-treatment will pass below 60 ℃ heats up be soiled 1 hour. ② mixes the sugar juice of 60 % , be in 58 -- in the cold sugar juice that 40 % turn after be soiled is being heated up 10 minutes below 60 ℃ cold be soiled 10 minutes, be soiled is heated up 10 minutes in the sugar juice in 60 % afresh again, turn into the cold and cheerless in juice of 40 % sugar 10 minutes again, heat up be soiled, cold be soiled by turns so, relapse 5 -- 6. ③ mixes the sugar juice of 80 % , in 58 -- be soiled is heated up 1 hour below 60 ℃ , chowchow is accused namely finish.

4. Dry wear the net of the chili park drying oven that passes chowchow on, one by one is smooth put, airing dry is connected below the temperature that 40 ℃ control, midway breaks up. Dry and unfavorable overdo, chili still needs to hold softness, wet position.
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