Craft of chili of flexible package souse
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To get used to sauce to bloat the low salt of dish is changed, convenient change and the development tide that nutrient safety day turns like that, this craft undertook study to the process such as the souse craft of chili, condition that pack, increased to protect than traditional product fragile craft and flavor the working procedure such as processing, the chili soft can of trial-produce, the improvement, quality that improved a product and quality.

One, technological process

Choose makings- - → goes the base of a fruit, except miscellaneous with dazzling- - → is abluent- - → heat is very hot- - → dehydrate- - → is protected fragile- - → is sclerotic- - bloat at the beginning of →- - → dry-salt- - → is allocated and static bloat- - → is packed- - → is antiseptic- - → is cooling- - → examines- - → finished product.

2, operate a point

1, choose makings: Green pepper chooses the flesh qualitative hypertrophy, qualitative the tender, eat by moth that do not have bug, awl any of several hot spice plants that deteriorates without decay or long any of several hot spice plants; Red any of several hot spice plants chooses the flesh thick, qualitative tender, seed is little, hot sweet sterling short conic any of several hot spice plants. Green pepper and red any of several hot spice plants are respectively in respective container apart souse, arrive when the working procedure that pack again mensurable mix outfit, make product colour presents natural and comparative look, increase the aesthetic feeling of the product.

2, go the base of a fruit, except miscellaneous with dazzling: Chili picks stalk the base of a fruit in time, the chili that too eliminate bug eat by moth, cankered, ripe or organic instrument injures and sundry. The handle of the base of a fruit in every chili is in the bamboo needle that already disinfected with cleanness dazzling, the bursa film that piercing center handles, the souse of facilitating follow-up.

3, catharsis heat is very hot: Wash clean chili with water of going from place to place or high-pressured gush water, after drop does water, the heat in the boiling water that puts n irons 3min(minute) .

4, dehydration: the chili fish out after heat is very hot, after drop does water, undertake air is basked in, with airing part moisture, or in putting equipment of microtherm sirocco convection, take off except partial moisture. Weigh dehydrate of 100kg rare any of several hot spice plants to 60kg commonly can.

5, bloat first protect fragile: Salt matchs the solution of 13 Baume degrees, join 0. Solution of 3 % CaCl2 keeps fragile agent, every other 3- - 4h(hour) flip through up and down, 2d(day) hind fish out, eliminate bittern fluid.

6, dry-salt: After doing the chili drop that bloats first, the shop is inside container, every 100kg adds salt 15kg, salt of layer of layer any of several hot spice plants, superstratum salt is much, lower level salt is little, flip through everyday crock one, the attention makes it comes loose hot, bloat day of be soiled 7d() hind, give a crock.
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