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Chat Peking Man most the night of favour is fed
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The food taken late at night of Peking Man, say complex, also simple, say simple, also have quite however some exquisite. Pay attention to lively, pay attention to to go to the lavatory, pay attention to a satisfy a craving!

Bake string

Popular at Beijing bake string, cent went out now two big factional, xinjiang gust and northeast gust. Xinjiang gust maintained original charcoal to bake means, condiment reachs chili face to give priority to like that with Zi, bake the sort that string together not much, string together however string sweet. Arrive greatly Xinjiang agency, small to Adaxi, it is the ground that Xinjiang gust bakes the delegate that string together. Northeaster flavour is in last few years burgeoning, phyletic and rich, alternative big, condiment also develops various bechamel with chili like that from Zi, cruel is baked, the pool writes down the forerunner that is this kind to cluster shop.

Young soya bean

Arrived summer, beijing full ave can see the figure of young soya bean, and the young soya bean that always feels roadside booth, simple to mill arrange goes out just had better eat. Put Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, brine boils the young soya bean that come out, cultured is a beans so full that want to maintain the skin, material is so rich that material want infiltration beans in. When waiting to heat up the desk on dish, it is best killtime fastfood.

Hemp is hot very hot

Have in the pailou of small Western Paradise do hemp hot very hot, did not know what to add, smell is thick, hot, sweet, a bowl of reeky yam pink comes on end, scattering chopped green onion, dry any of several hot spice plants, float is worn the oil of red of a gold. Eater is free makings, one string is strung together wash neatly, relaxed dish, skin having a beans wraps coriander, have potato chips, have kelp piece, have worry, still have quail egg, 229 kinds, little also of course not the meat dishes such as chicken, beef, pork. Had been chosen, merchant is being helped had boiled, can sit in booth edge, flat perhaps bale come home to eat slowly. Hearing that flavour, taking that course, give a suit sweat, it is to plant delighted.

Rinse tripe

Tripe of the rinse in impression is Xi'an is fastfood, two wool money a string, eat several prod settle accounts. And according to data account, yu Qianlong of the kitchen since rinse tripe year, be a drive hutch invention. To nowadays after many improved, there already was the land of base oneself upon in Beijing. "The door that feel a fault " advocate of battalion is rinse tripe, although merchant flaunts the story is a little far-fetched, but eat feed inviting really.


The beer of summer wants big mouth to drink, should be in readily 15 milliliter above, such ability fill the bright of fission flavour beer. Want to be drunk immediately, not when bubble subsidise. Acrid agent is contained in beer, bubble is OK the bring down is acrid, carbon dioxide is contained in beer at the same time, do not wait for carbon dioxide to release, can experience the flavor of beer adequately more so. Want what beer looks after be being drunk to register a cup of case, good beer hangs a cup of time to be able to be as long as 10 seconds. Want to drink weak Pi, namely maltose chroma is less than 9 ° . Low quantity of heat of this kind of beer, not above, suit a lady drinkable.
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