Early chili, in any of several hot spice plants 10
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In any of several hot spice plants is flowers of vegetable of courtyard of Chinese farming division 10 the precocity that institute Yo becomes is small hot model chili generation is crossbred. Have early, high yield, much fight, be able to bear or endure to wait for a characteristic solely infirmly, can make early spring protect the ground to help advance somebody's career.

Unripe the way corp is growing of this breed plant is strong, average individual plant is 76.8 centimeters expensive, begin degree of 69 ~ 81 centimeters, only then beautiful red-letter day 6 ~ 10, fructification grows ovine horn form, fruit surface is slick, bottle green, fructification vertical diameter 16.2 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3.1 centimeters, the flesh is thick 0.29 ~ 0.34 centimeters, 3 ventricle of 2 ~ , placental and moderate volume. Fructification quality is good, commodity sex is good, taste is small hot, fragile tender, mouthfeel is good, average sheet weighs 30.9 grams if really.

Catchment of the Yangtse River sows to the last ten-day of a month in November at the last ten-day of a month in October commonly, the middle ten days of a month on November comes immediately following in time seedling of year of cent of the middle ten days of a month on Feburary, the first ten days of a month came in December immediately following in time year in March the field planting after lastest frost. Appropriate of field planting ground chooses a sandy loam with appear a gender good, every mus apply high grade and organic fertilizer 5000 kilograms, break up agrarian, make even and orderly smooth with a rake to make the same score. Before field planting again channel applies right amount and compound fertilizer to wait, do farmland ridging ridging plough. Field planting hind waters, timely intertill, in order to raise ground temperature, stimulative delay seedling. Fructification is collected close period notice seasonable top application, right amount water, maintain soil to see dry see wet, take strict precautions against flood flooding. Enter rainy season, notice seasonable drain flooded fields,