Chili leaf blight
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Chili leaf blight (StemphyliumsolaniWeber) it is common bright kill, each district all has happen. [Field identifying] basically be kill blade. Come on from bottom lamina first more, first when Brown blob produces on blade, expand quickly circle or irregular form ill spot, ill spot 10 millimeter of 2 ~ size differs, intermediate hoar, brim puce, have homocentric round of grain, later period sometimes from ill spot aperture of bud of central necrotic place. A lot of ill spot when ill Xie Yan is heavy are linked together cause deciduous leaf.
[Hair cause of disease because] the bacteria gives birth to spore clump to follow ill incomplete body to be in soil with hypha body or cent live through the winter, the seed also can carry bacterium. The bacteria is in field lend harships transmission, invade by air hole. The condition is appropriate, disease development is rapid. The bacteria is fond of high temperature, tall wet condition, 25 ℃ of 24 ~ , day of overcast and rainy or knot show duration to grow to come on easily. Edaphic fertility is insufficient, plant grows feeble hair gets a severe disease. [Point of prevention and cure] ① ground film is enclothed help advance somebody's career. ② applies sufficient manure, add Shi Lin, potash fertilizer. Timely approach is fat, prevent plant premature senility. ③ controls fill water appropriately, loosen the soil of the intertill after fill water. Pluvial hind eliminates field seeper in time, prevent damp to stop. Ground of ④ serious defect and vegetable of the division that be not eggplant undertake 2 ~ 3 years rotate. ⑤ has done field sanitation, ill incomplete body keeps clear of thoroughly after results, turn over soil greatly. ⑥ drug prophylaxis and treatment can use spirit of 50% much mildew 800 times fluid, or copper of 50% armour frost 600 times fluid, or 40% destroy disease power 500 times fluid, or 68% times get benefit 600 times fluid, or 80% give birth to 1000 times fluid greatly, or the 64% vitriol that reduce toxin 500 times fluid.

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