Rainy season must prevent chili ill
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Enter since summer, water is enough, humidity is big. Chili epidemic disease happens particularly serious, tian Kuai of certain food division appears to be destroyed field completely even. One, main symptom: Initial stage of blade be murdered produces leach shape spot, 3, major lamina is ironed as boiled water after 5 days ripe like, organize soft corrupt, blade rots. Cauline radical ministry presents sap green to be nodded to black brown splash, ramose place hangs shrink cankered. Some kiss cortex see cauline lever xylem namely. Fall victim fructification produces spot of shape of sap green leach, fruit body soft corrupt, easy fall off or wither. When weather is damp, ill minister gives white mildew layer.
2, cause of disease: Cause of disease of chili epidemic disease is flagellum bacterium inferior mildew of the door, epidemic disease is belonged to. Invade first catch a source to be conceal the egg spore in soil. 28, of 30 ℃ comfortable lukewarm, day after day below the ambient conditions with big humidity of rainstorm, air, the egg spore of the bacteria, sporangium undertakes in water of storm of field have the aid of, irrigation water or agronomic operation activity frequent invade again catch, make this disease popularity happens. 3, method of prevention and cure: 1, choose disease-resistant any of several hot spice plants of another name for Guangdong Province of thoroughbred and optional choose 3 date, Taiwan on the west the breed such as round any of several hot spice plants. 2, Gao Qi helps advance somebody's career, prevent waterlogging catchment not division, as cucurbitaceous as eggplant, melon kind crop continuous cropping or rotate. 3, before seminal disinfection sows, use 1: 1: Gush of 1000 times fluid applies the Bordeaux mixture of 100 or bluestone complete garden. 4, timely gush medicine comes on earlier or answer to use medical prophylaxis and treatment in time after overcast and rainy day after day. Can choose Qing Dynasty of 75% 100 bacterium but wet sex powder 600, 800 fluid or 58% luck poisonous mildew 500, 600 times fluid or sterilization power 1000, 1500 times fluid undertakes gush is applied, connect gush 2, 3, every 7, 10 days of gush 1.