The fertilization skill of chili
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Produce 1000 kilograms of chili to need purity nitrogen 5.2 kilograms, 5 oxidation 2 phosphor 1.2 kilograms, potassium chloride 6.5 kilograms. Before field planting, mu apply fertilizer of high grade farmhouse 5000 kilograms, phosphate fertilizer makes base fertilizer 50 kilograms. Chili expand initial stage begins top application the 1st times, in order to promote fructification expand. Mu chase after 15-18 of Shi Chun nitrogen kilogram, phosphate fertilizer 18-20 kilogram, potash fertilizer 15-17 kilogram. The 4th the 3rd the 2nd fruit, fruit, fruit, all over the sky the star needs fertilizer to estimate successive increase, answer to increase top application amount appropriately every time, in order to satisfy a result exuberant period place needs nutrient. Every time top application should be united in wedlock hill up and water. Also can mix abundant of spirit of the abundant fruit of 0.3% , chili, large 481 etc undertake gush of face of blade is applied.